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We're very pleased to announce our special, annual issue dedicated to our late teacher, Rev. Kensho Furuya Sensei. Three times the size of our normal issues, this March newsletter is packed with stories and memories from friends and students involving the influence of Furuya Sensei on their lives and practice. Please see our Newsletters page here: Newsletters

Our February newsletter is now available! In this issue Ito Sensei compares the Way of Aikido with the Way of Tea, and through that examination shares the heart of traditional arts (martial or otherwise), Myers Sensei offers a look at two giants of The Way of the Sword and how their mindset may have proved more challenging than any technique, and some of our students share their own observations regarding their training. As always, we close with thoughts from Sensei's archives. Please visit our Newsletter page here: Newsletters

Please save the date:

March 9: Furuya Sensei Memorial Service. 9:30am.
March 30: Instructor's intensive. 6am sharp.
April 27 and 28: O'Sensei Annual Seminar
April 28: O'Sensei Memorial