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Aikido for Children

The Aikido Center of Los Angeles has been teaching children Aikido for thirty three years.  We are currently teaching children Aikido once a week on Sunday mornings at 9:00am.  Aikido is not taught as a competitive sport but rather as a martial art which cultivates the latent power of the mind and body.  Children are taught the principles of respect, discipline, and caring, all in a very fun atmosphere.  In addition to learning the martial art of Aikido, children naturally in our program become more agile, stronger and flexible.

In Aikido rank is given first in "kyu" grades (colored belts), then upon achieving 1st degree black belt the student is ranked as a "dan" grade.  Children brand new to Aikido are first promoted to 7th kyu, with the numbers descending as the student advances.  Thus a 1st kyu is one grade away from 1st dan or black belt, and from the dan grades the numbers ascend.

Here is a list of the Kyu grades and their respective belt colors:

7th Kyu Yellow
6th Kyu Green
5th Kyu Purple
4th Kyu Orange
3rd Kyu   Blue
2nd Kyu Brown
1st Kyu Brown
1st Dan Black

Go City Kids