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There is no sword which can oppose kindness

The single best piece of life wisdom I ever got came from a conversation that I over heard while eating breakfast at the counter at a local diner.

The server was talking with another customer about life and the customer asked her why she chose to work as a waitress. She replied, “I am no one special. The only thing I truly have to give others is my kindness…”

In that moment, my mind was totally blown and I just sat there with my mouth agape. The person I was with gave out an audible sigh of disgust.

I turned to him and said, “No, you don’t understand, she just told us the meaning of life.” He didn’t agree.

The thing is, there is nothing more than this. Money isn’t real. Things aren’t real. Everything we possess is not real. Thus, the only thing we do have with which to give another person is our “kindness.”

That is the fundamental assertion behind Aikido and why we do the techniques the way we do them. Any buffoon can wield a sword or hurt others, but only a true master has the inner strength to give someone kindness.

Thus, there is no sword which can oppose kindness.

The only thing we truly possess in this world which we can give to others is our kindness.