Anything is possible.

What makes a piece of calligraphy good or bad? It is hard to say. I am a novice, but when I look at calligraphy I judge it by how it moves me inside.

This an interesting piece of calligraphy. I liked the calligraphy before I knew its meaning. The characters brushed are 光明 (komyo) or “Ray of light.” Of course it is metaphoric. It can mean a myriad of things. Its meaning depends on how we look at it. A ray of light could symbolize “hope” or it could mean “to look on the brighter side” of things. Or it could mean anything else depending on one’s perspective at the time.

What is interesting is when I happen to read the caption about the artist who brushed it. Her name is Shoko Kanazawa and she has down syndrome. Apparently, at the age of five she began to study shodo and showed great talent.

It is quite captivating and the strokes look like someone who has a high level of mastery. What interested me as a shodo student was the hane stroke at the end of the first character 光. To do a hane correctly one slowly releases the pressure on the brush as the stroke very gradually becomes thin. But in this case it shows how gently she released the pressure while still maintaining the proper spacing to create that line. Additionally her two main vertical kado or corner lines in the character 明 display her “balance” as one has a lot of ki power and the other shows a tremendous amount of gentleness. Truly wonderful calligraphy!

It just goes to show, no matter what our circumstance may be, anything is possible.